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To advance nurses engaged in the care of international travelers through professional development, evidence based practice and advocacy.

Travel Health Nurses Are Asking - our response to member questions

In response to frequent requests from ATHNA members, the Board will continue to offer Q&A every month of 2018. Unlike our blog TravelBytes which explores a topic in greater depth, this feature will address simple questions with straightforward answers. Select references will provide further explanation. Questions will address immunizations, health counseling, administrative issues, and more. New questions will be posted monthly on the 15th of each month and old questions archived. If you have a question you would like answered in this simple format, please send it to info@athna.org.


January - Bat Rabies
Question: Recently there was a report of a six year old boy in Florida who died from rabies following a bat scratch. What are the clinical management guidelines if a traveler encounters a bat?


December Update

Colder temperatures, whispers of snow, and colorful holiday decorations everywhere you turn...

Eighty is the new sixty

This month we review the first of two resources for preparing seniors for international travel. For members to access the review...

Give Our 2018 Membership Campaign a Name

ATHNA has been organized as a membership organization since 2004. Next year we plan to launch an elaborate and coordinated campaign to expand our numbers. Did you know that some 25,000 nurses provide travel health services in North America? Functioning in a variety of clinical settings, nurses provide care to business travelers, students, seniors, families, the military and...

ATHNA Partners with CDC, ISTM and ACHA to Study Student Travel: Join Us!

As previously reported, ATHNA joined a very special collaborative research project this past summer. Several of our members continue to participate in the development of a study protocol that will help us better understand the health experience of college travelers...

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